Volunteer: Resolution Run

  • 01 Jan 2015
  • 8:30 AM
  • Magnuson Park


  • Be ”at the mike” at the start, plunge, finish, and pre-event/post-event areas, answering questions, directing people, encouraging people during the event and finish, etc. Bill Roe will be the lead emcee again, and Al Bonney will handle the primary duties at the plunge, but each needs assistance at times as the four areas are spread out.
  • Be on-site at 7 a.m. to assist with parking, registration, start line, course, finish line, and post-event area set-up. Generally you will work under the direction of Pro-Motion staff and Bill Roe, CNW events manager.
  • Be ”the face” of CNW, involving public relations, answering questions, directing people, providing membership applications, etc.
  • Direct participants, prevent any negative interaction between regular park users and participants, and get any errant vehicles off the course and out of the way of runners in a timely manner.
  • Manage the information booth and volunteer check-in at the CNW tent - involves handing out radios, distributing parking and course monitor maps, providing safety vests where required, and directing volunteers to their location(s).
  • Clip chips from shoes, and direct people away from the finish through the corral to the post-event area.
  • Prepare the post-race goodies we offer; this position should have a working knowledge of health and food preparation requirements, and will work under the supervision of a food service professional.
  • Writing runner numbers on and distributing bags for gear, organizing them as they are turned in prior to the start, and providing bags back to the runners as soon as possible (given the general chill in the air and the usual wet hair that comes with 70% of the field jumping in the lake).
  • Two lead cyclists and two tail cyclists with their own bikes. The lead cyclists must arrive early enough to go over the course with PME staff
  • Direct arriving automobiles to the nearest parking spot, closing off park roadways as parking in those areas fills up, and reminding people in parking lots in course areas that they will need to wait for the end of the run to leave if they wish to park there.
  • Must have water safety knowledge and can swim if necessary, to monitor the combatants as they move into and out of the water, and assist them with the safety of any gear they leave on the tables.
  • Assist runners in identifying the correct bin; at the end of the event, gather materials and waste to the designated central location.
  • Directing pre-registered runners to the directory of entrants to find their bib number, directing day-of-race entrants to the sign-up tables and then the correct lines for registration, providing packets with bibs and chips to each registered runner, giving runners their shirts, and monitoring the flow of runners to mitigate areas where long lines are developing.

Registration is closed
Thank you for considering assisting with Club Northwest's 36th Annual Resolution 5km Run and 12th Annual ”Trip ’n Drip” Polar Bear Plunge.  Here are some things you need to take into account as you scan your options:

• Volunteers will be rewarded with a shirt and (if 21 or older) a beer coupon for the beer garden, and — upon request — provided with an entry into another CNW event during 2015!

• All positions are outdoors and subject to whatever elements the new year brings.  Dress to stay as warm and dry as possible!  Remember you can always take off something you wore, but you can’t put on something you didn’t bring!

• Parking is limited, and we encourage carpooling with runners or other volunteers.  We will let you know who each other are as we get closer to the event, so you can contact each other for transportation options.

• Each job is pretty simple, but some involve more ”customer contact” than others.  Parking control and course monitors in particular require a good voice and an ability to politely tell people ”where to go.”

• Some jobs require that you JUST volunteer, and you cannot expect to participate in the event as well.  Some jobs are before the race and others after, and one person can do two jobs.

• All volunteers are asked to be at the site by 8:30 a.m. (some earlier as noted below) so that we can fill in the close-in parking and begin to direct arriving runners to more distant lots.  Most volunteers will not be able to drive out until after the last runners start and navigate NE 65th Street.  If you arrive late and park more remotely undefined i.e., toward Kite Hill undefined you will not be able to leave until the event is completed.

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